The Australian Open is one of the 4 biggest tennis tournaments played in the world, and one of the only 2 played on hard courts (the other 2 being on clay and grass).

But the Australian Open is more than just a tennis tournament, with a stadium audience of 15,000 people and global TV audience of more than 3.5 million, it is easily one of the biggest events in all of sport. In addition to the summer heat, it is a showcase of the beauty of the land down under. It’s culture focuses equally on work and play.

This is because the Australian Open is where sporting legacies are born; Lleyton Hewitt and Marat Safin to name a few.

One other such legacy was sealed last weekend at this year’s Australian Open. Roger Federer, arguably the greatest tennis player that has ever competed, won his record 20th Grand Slam at Melbourne Park. There wasn’t anything lacking in Roger Federer’s illustrious resume before coming into this year’s first gland slam, but winning this tournament cemented his position as the greatest payer that has ever lived, as if further proof was needed.

Winning 20 Grand Slams in a sport where Superstars barely win a few (Andy Murray with 3, is considered to be one of the greatest) is beyond exceptional, it is the stuff legends are made up of.

And Roger Federer is one.

The Australian Open has provided sporting fans with something special: a single moment where a man sealed his legacy; the moment Roger Federer lifted his 20th Grand Slam Trophy at the Australian Open 2018.

The success of the Australian Open as a spectacle can be traced to the Australian way of life. It is one of the few countries in the world where competitive sport is at least equal to (if not superior to) work. Australians pride themselves in being the ‘outdoor’ type; with the desire for adventure always visible.

Australia is home to a number of unique outdoor activities like the Bondi to Coogee beach walk in Sydney, Ocean Rafting in Arlie Beach, and diving at the Great Barrier Reef, to name just a few. The number of things you can do in Australia that involve adventure, leisure and sport are plentiful. It’s no surprise then that Australia spawns some of the best, most competitive, sportes teams in the world (the Australian National Cricket team with 5 world cup wins is a good example)

Young families looking to provide their kids with an imaginative mind and thirst for adventure must consider making a move to Australia. With one of the best education systems in the world, efficient health care, and a plethora of opportunities, Australia provides every young family with paradise on earth. If you yourself are considered to be the adventurous type; the kind of person who loves to work hard and play hard, then moving to Australia might be the right move for you too.

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As an added bonus, moving to Australia might enable you to see the great Roger Federer extend his legacy in the years to come or get a seat at the Boxing day test at the Melbourne Cricket Ground! The Australian open has always been a testament to the fact that Australia caters to people of every part of the world, with new professional tennis players invariably finding their first big burst of form in this particular tournament. Is it the weather, is it the attitude of the people, or is it just the luck? I say it’s the magic of Australia.

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