If you are considering migrating to Australia, you would find the appended 10 step checklist to be useful in planning your decision.

Do your research:

This is a good starting point have a think about where you want to live, what are the house prices, how easy is it to get a job in that area, what would be the average salaries.

Find the right visa category:

There are a variety of visa options that can be used to live and work in Australia, find the right category of visa that is applicable to your case. You can look up options on Australia Government website or speak to a professional Immigration Advisory consultancy.
Documentation: Most of the applications are decided entirely on the basis of the documents that are submitted so ensure that all your paperwork like birth certificate, marriage registration, police clearance, education qualifications, work experiences etc. are up to date and meet the government requirements.

Get options for your shipping needs:

Moving to Australia is a big decision and what to take with you can at times become a bigger decision – so shop around for quotes from shippers to get the best deal.
Sort your finances: It is often easier to move money if you already have a bank account in Australia, speak to any of the global banks to see if they can help with this.

Watch the news:

It may seem like a really busy time but it is also useful to keep an eye on the news of the goings on in Australia and in your chosen city in case you need to make specific preparations.

Get that job:

If possible speak to potential employers before you make the move apprising them of your visa status and if you can line up potential interviews.
Pick up at the airport: Landing in a new country with family and baggage can be a daunting task, make it easier by having someone pick you at the airport, you could be staying at a Hotel and have them arrange airport transfers or you could book a taxi to take you to your accommodation.

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