Australia has long been a nation of immigrants. The country has benefited from flow of migrants who have helped to continue economic prosperity. The amazing diversity of Australian culture has also been enriched by it.

The benefits of immigration to Australia are evident: it has boosted economic growth, generated (much-needed) taxation revenue to pay for an ageing population and help to build national wealth. Local businesses have benefited from having a larger consumer base for their goods and services. While companies have been able to plug skills shortages that are plaguing economies in Europe.

However with the global slowdown there are demands within section of Australian polity asking for restriction on the growing immigration to Australia. Political decision makers often talk about crackdown on temporary 457 visa holders and restricting the immigration numbers.

In the New Year it would be interesting to see which occupations will continue to remain on the skilled occupation list 1 and skilled occupation list 2. The Australian Trucking Association has recently appealed to the federal government to allow foreign drivers to cover shortages, as the heavy vehicle industry is “under pressure from severe driver shortages and a negative image problem

According to estimates the Australia immigration policy for 2013-14 will allow roughly 190,000 people into the country, two-thirds of them skilled workers. With quotas being introduced for occupations if you are thinking of moving to Australia then the best advice is to start early.

For highly skilled workers particularly Indians, the first stage are getting their Skills assessed for equivalency to their nominated occupations. Once the application gets a successful outcome of the skills assessment then the next stage is to upload the details on the Skill Select and then be invited to apply. On an average the processing times vary from as little as 6months in some skilled occupations that are in severe shortage to 12 months for some other ones.

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